The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) is funded by the Federal Government through the Australian Federal Police. We exist to drive national coordination, and to raise awareness of the significant issues and impacts surrounding missing persons in Australia.

Through this site we manage the national register of long-term missing persons, and on behalf of all state and territory police we profile long-term missing persons cases across Australia.

We take a leading role in outreach activities including National Missing Persons Week, International Missing Children's Day and Day for Daniel (Morcombe).

The NMPCC is also Australia's representative on the Global Missing Children's Network, and is chair of the Police Consultative Group on Missing Persons.

The NMPCC works within the National Missing Persons Policy PLEASE principles of Prevention, Location, Education, Awareness, Support and Evaluation. The policy provides a framework for a range of initiatives to be progressed including service delivery issues.

You can read more about the initiatives and developments of the NMPCC and the missing persons sector through the quarterly eBulletin Missing.

To find out more about the missing persons population in Australia, view the Australian Institute of Criminology research report Missing Persons in Australia.