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At the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre we are committed to driving and coordinating a national research agenda for the missing persons' population in Australia. Understanding why people go missing is essential for identifying preventative strategies and establishing a coordinated approach across the sector to reduce the incidence of missing persons.

We are currently undertaking a project to update the incidence statistics for missing persons in Australia. These statistics provide agencies, policy makers and the community an understanding of the size and scope of the issue of missing persons in Australia.

Australian Research

Several major research projects into the Australian missing persons’ population have been undertaken. Major research projects delve deeper into the missing persons experience and can provide insights into questions such as why people went missing, what happened to them while they were missing and what support is required when someone is missing.

The most recent report, Missing Persons in Australia (PDF 1.0 MB), was released in 2008.  This report, developed by the Australian Institute of Criminology, was co-funded by the Australian Federal Police and Attorney-General's Department of NSW. The reports release in 2008 marked the first time since 1998 that research of this scale was undertaken into missing persons in Australia.

Other research reports:

International Research

Across the world research being undertaken into missing persons seeks to identify the reasons why people go missing and the best practice methods of preventing this from occurring.

UK charity Missing People conducts a range of research projects into missing persons and related issues. You can find a range of their published research in the Research publications section of their website.

The Geographies of Missing People research project, conducted in the United Kingdom, studied why adults go missing and explored their experiences.

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