National missing persons coordination centre

How can I help?

Missing persons is an issue for the whole community. Anyone regardless of age, gender or other factors may face the issue of a loved one becoming a missing person. Our mandate, to reduce the impact and incidence of missing persons, is dependent on community awareness of the issues. You can support our work by raising awareness and supporting our prevention strategies.

While police and tracing agencies play a central role in the location of missing persons, you can also contribute:

  • if you think you may be a missing person, find a way to say you’re ok
  • if you’re a friend of a missing person, seek ways to help them say they’re ok
  • if you think you have information which may assist in locating a missing person, contact your nearest police station or report this information directly to Crime Stoppers so that it can be forwarded to the relevant police jurisdiction for investigation as required

For professionals who may encounter families and friends of missing persons in the course of their work the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre has developed an Education package Supporting those who are left behind.

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