National missing persons coordination centre

Searching for family connections

There is a difference between a missing person and a family tracing matter. Police are only able to help where there are concerns for the safety or welfare of a missing person. If there is no indication of vulnerability or concern for safety the missing person is usually considered to be a tracing matter. If you are searching for someone but do not have current and immediate concerns for their safety and welfare below are some search options that you may choose to undertake/contact yourself.


Use search engines to try and locate information about the missing person.

Social media

Social media is a variety of tools and platforms to connect with other people. You can use services like Facebook (personal), LinkedIn (professional) and others to search for people you may know.

Commonwealth Electoral Roll

The Australian Commonwealth electoral roll is the list of people entitled to vote in an election. If you are an Australian citizen aged 18 and over, you are required by law to keep your details on the electoral roll correct and up-to-date.

Search agencies

Reunion or link-up services

There are several services dedicated to re-uniting lost family members such as

Private investigators

You may also choose to hire a private investigator to conduct enquiries on your behalf to find someone who is missing. Private investigators will generally charge a fee for their services.

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