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  • Missing Person Gregory Arthur Love
    Gregory LOVE

    Missing since 23/04/1966
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Terrence Lloyd
    Terrence LLOYD

    Missing since 24/11/2015

  • Missing Person Liam Brady
    Liam BRADY

    Missing since 03/02/2000
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Barry Petersen
    Barry PETERSEN

    Missing since 05/01/1992

  • Missing Person Colin Burgess
    Colin BURGESS

    Missing since 08/06/2004
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person Daniel Mountwitten

    Missing since 05/08/2005
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person Ronald Anderson
    Ronald ANDERSON

    Missing since 14/07/2007
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Peter Rumbel
    Peter RUMBEL

    Missing since 13/04/2013
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Nicola La Falce
    Nicola LA FALCE

    Missing since 12/01/1994
    Western Australia

  • WA Missing Person Shaun Robert Black
    Shaun BLACK

    Missing since 08/04/2017
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Paul Rushworth

    Missing since 13/09/2013
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Mark Moylan
    Mark MOYLAN

    Missing since 25/01/2014

  • Missing Person - Zac Barnes
    Zac BARNES

    Missing since 13/11/2016
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Peter James Johnson
    Peter JOHNSON

    Missing since 17/04/2003

  • Missing Person - Alan Leslie GRAHAM
    Alan GRAHAM

    Missing since 30/04/2016
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Spider Gadubidi
    Spider GADUBIDI

    Missing since 08/04/2008
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Susan Williams
    Susan WILLIAMS

    Missing since 01/04/2008

  • Missing Person Lucille Butterworth

    Missing since 25/08/1969

  • Missing Person Marilyn Qualmann
    Marilyn QUALMANN

    Missing since 21/09/1975
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Edward Faulkner
    Edward FAULKNER

    Missing since 19/06/1995

  • Missing Person John Farlow
    John FARLOW

    Missing since 01/11/1996

  • Missing Person John French
    John FRENCH

    Missing since 07/01/2005
    New South Wales

  • Missing Persons Stephen Lapthorne
    Stephen LAPTHORNE

    Missing since 25/08/1978
    New South Wales

  • NSW missing person Robert Dickie
    Robert DICKIE

    Missing since 14/06/2016
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Donelle Newberry
    Donelle NEWBERRY

    Missing since 01/11/2005
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person William Tyrrell
    William TYRRELL

    Missing since 12/09/2014
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Melony Sutton
    Melony SUTTON

    Missing since 23/11/1992

  • Missing Person Jee Rhee
    Jee (Jake) RHEE

    Missing since 10/09/2004
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Joel Sheiles
    Joel SHEILES

    Missing since 24/02/2014
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Michaela Godau
    Michaela GODAU

    Missing since 19/12/1982
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Cherie Westell
    Cherie WESTELL

    Missing since 12/12/2000

  • Missing Person - Cheryl Grimmer
    Cheryl GRIMMER

    Missing since 12/01/1970
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Pauline Sowry
    Pauline SOWRY

    Missing since 29/11/1992
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Alan Thomas
    Alan THOMAS

    Missing since 23/11/1995

  • Missing Person Petronella Albert
    Petronella ALBERT

    Missing since 28/04/1999
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Jamie Herdman
    Jamie HERDMAN

    Missing since 26/11/2006
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Kerry Engwirda
    Kerry ENGWIRDA

    Missing since 01/12/1999

  • Missing Person Leslie Lewis
    Leslie LEWIS

    Missing since 22/02/2011
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person Helena Cvetkovic
    Helena CVETKOVIC

    Missing since 10/02/1988
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person James Rothfield

    Missing since 12/07/1986
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Anthony Johnstone
    Anthony JOHNSTONE

    Missing since 29/10/1996
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Conrad De Sielvie
    Stacy DE SIELVIE

    Missing since 20/04/1994
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Charlie Miller
    Charlie MILLER

    Missing since 04/08/2012
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Lynette Dawson
    Lynette DAWSON

    Missing since 09/01/1982
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Paul Wright
    Paul WRIGHT

    Missing since 30/09/2003

  • Missing Person Rafael Brander
    Rafael BRANDER

    Missing since 23/05/2005
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person Alexandra Gowing
    Alexandra GOWING

    Missing since 29/05/2004

  • Missing Person Mahalingam Sinnathamby
    Mahalingam SINNATHAMBY

    Missing since 25/08/2005

  • Missing Person Leslie Hicks
    Leslie HICKS

    Missing since 23/03/2008
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Bronwyn Winfield
    Bronwyn WINFIELD

    Missing since 16/05/1993
    New South Wales

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