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  • Missing Person Thomas Speath
    Thomas SPEATH

    Missing since 05/12/2014
    Family Law Matters

  • Missing Person Nicola Sallese
    Nicola (Nick) SALLESE

    Missing since 17/11/2008

  • Missing Person Brendan Giles
    Brendan GILES

    Missing since 17/07/2013
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Ronald Anderson
    Ronald ANDERSON

    Missing since 14/07/2007
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person William Earl
    William EARL

    Missing since 15/08/1993

  • Missing Person Robert Cameron
    Robert CAMERON

    Missing since 01/02/2002

  • Missing Person Elizabeth Barlow
    Elizabeth BARLOW

    Missing since 17/06/1995
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Michael Graham
    Michael GRAHAM

    Missing since 14/01/2013
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Owen Rooney
    Owen ROONEY

    Missing since 14/08/2010
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing Person Michael Lorenz-Schrader

    Missing since 21/08/1996

  • Missing Person Brendan Dent
    Brendan DENT

    Missing since 24/06/2014
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Jason Oakley
    Jason OAKLEY

    Missing since 09/05/2007

  • Missing Person James Norman
    James NORMAN

    Missing since 18/02/2015
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Matthew Burgess
    Matthew BURGESS

    Missing since 01/08/1984
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Elaine Morgan
    Elaine MORGAN

    Missing since 17/04/2007
    New South Wales

  • Davor UNKOVICH - Brother of missing person Ante UNKOVICH

    Missing since 19/10/1972
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Peter Rumbel
    Peter RUMBEL

    Missing since 13/04/2013
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Neil McKenzie
    Neil McKENZIE

    Missing since 02/05/2006
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Warren Meyer
    Warren MEYER

    Missing since 23/03/2008

  • Tiemuzhen Chalaer NSW Missing Person
    Tiemuzhen CHALAER

    Missing since 07/08/2016
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Sara Davey
    Sara DAVEY

    Missing since 14/01/1997
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Trevor Bailey
    Trevor BAILEY

    Missing since 16/01/1993

  • Missing Person Philip Lawlor
    Phillip LAWLOR

    Missing since 21/06/2015
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Helen Munnings
    Helen MUNNINGS

    Missing since 23/07/2008

  • Missing Person Anthony Fahey
    Anthony FAHEY

    Missing since 03/07/2013
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Andrea Wharton
    Andrea WHARTON

    Missing since 19/02/1984

  • Missing person - Karl Melo-Richards

    Missing since 02/09/2016
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Joao De Ornelas

    Missing since 03/03/2010

  • Missing Person Kathleen Harris
    Kathleen HARRIS

    Missing since 31/05/1999
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Saverio Ganino
    Saverio GANINO

    Missing since 22/03/2000
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Tony Clinch
    Tony CLINCH

    Missing since 15/11/1997
    Australian Missing Overseas

  • Missing person - Wayne EASTLEY
    Wayne EASTLEY

    Missing since 30/01/1991
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Sarah Spiers
    Sarah SPIERS

    Missing since 27/01/1996
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Christine Somogyi
    Christine SOMOGYI

    Missing since 01/03/1999
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Daniel Sheppard
    Daniel SHEPPARD

    Missing since 01/01/1995
    South Australia

  • Missing Person Veronica Green
    Veronica GREEN

    Missing since 13/02/1976

  • Missing Person - Zac Barnes
    Zac BARNES

    Missing since 12/11/2016
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Bryan Maxted
    Bryan MAXTED

    Missing since 01/10/2009
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Elisha (Sam) Karmas
    Elisha KARMAS

    Missing since 11/08/2011
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Brendan Crinis
    Brendan CRINIS

    Missing since 09/09/2002
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Martin Cowan
    Martin COWAN

    Missing since 31/07/2005

  • Missing Person Siriyakorn Siriboon
    Siriyakorn SIRIBOON

    Missing since 02/06/2011

  • Missing Person Peter Johnson
    Peter JOHNSON

    Missing since 01/01/1996
    Northern Territory

  • Missing Person Rahma El-Dennaoui

    Missing since 10/11/2005
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Paul York
    Paul YORK

    Missing since 09/11/2011
    Western Australia

  • Missing Person Rachel Funari
    Rachel FUNARI

    Missing since 03/03/2011

  • Missing Person Alan Thomas
    Alan THOMAS

    Missing since 23/11/1995

  • Missing Person Kellie Levitski
    Kellie-Anne LEVITSKI

    Missing since 30/03/2014
    New South Wales

  • Missing Person Rosemarie Dodds
    Rosemarie DODD

    Missing since 19/02/1983

  • Missing Person Gregory Arthur Love
    Gregory LOVE

    Missing since 23/04/1966
    New South Wales

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