National missing persons coordination centre

About us

The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) exists to support the work of State and Territory police in the investigation of missing persons. The Centre is funded by the Australian Federal Police through the Australian Government. The Centre was established based on the need for strong leadership, national coordination and to complement the operational and investigative roles of the State and Territory Police Missing Persons Units.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of missing persons and to educate the Australian community about this significant issue.

Our policy

We work within the National Missing Persons Policy, which was endorsed by Commonwealth and State Police Ministers in June 2006. The policy provides a framework for a range of initiatives to be progressed including service delivery issues. The National Missing Persons Policy PLEASE principles are:

  • Prevention
  • Location
  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Support, and
  • Evaluation.

The ANZPAA Missing Persons Policy, Missing Persons: A Policy for Australian Policing – 2015, is a strategic document which aims to provide national consistency in the management and investigation of missing persons cases.

Our role

The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre’s role encompasses leadership in the sector of missing persons, facilitation of information sharing between agencies, and the promotion of awareness raising initiatives within the Australian community. Our key goals are to:

  • strengthen the co-operative relationship between police, government agencies, non-government agencies and families and friends of missing persons. This is primarily achieved through the bi-annual meetings of the Police Consultative Group on Missing Persons (PCGMP)
  • develop partnerships with corporate supporters that enable us to broaden the reach and awareness of missing persons initiatives within the Australian community
  • engage and educate the Australian community about missing person’s issues through outreach events, including National Missing Persons Week and International Missing Children’s Day
  • provide information and referrals as required to police, government, non-government and families and friends of missing persons
  • facilitate the development of a national strategy to provide support to missing persons and their families and friends
  • educate and train service providers to respond more effectively to missing persons
  • collate statistical data provided by the State and Territory agencies to identify national trends and patterns
  • conduct and/or commission national research on missing persons
  • contribute to international efforts to drive and respond to global issues surrounding missing persons.

In our work we:

  • recognise and protect the dignity, confidentiality and privacy of missing persons, victims and others involved
  • recognise and respect the ownership and confidentiality of information provided by the police and other agencies
  • support those families and friends affected by the disappearance of a missing person
  • assert the importance of family and friends in locating missing persons, and the significance of missing persons as a community issue
  • work closely with individuals and agencies who are working in the community to promote awareness of missing persons on a not-for-profit basis
  • respond equally in all cases without prejudice or discrimination
  • work in consultation and partner with Australian police, other agencies and the community to deliver the best possible service.

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To find out more about our work:

Working with the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

We develop corporate partnerships to increase the reach of our messaging throughout the Australian community. If you are an organisation interested in working with the Centre to promote missing persons please contact us to discuss.

Our organisation, through the Australian Federal Police, is part of the Australian Government. All employment with our Centre must adhere to the APS employment practices. Applications to join our team must come via a completed job application if and when a vacancy becomes available. The AFP Careers page provides more information about recruitment with the AFP and advertises current vacancies within the agency.

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