When a relative or friend is reported missing, the emotional impact on families and friends can be considerable. It’s important to acknowledge that each person may be affected in their own way, and react differently.

Families and friends of missing persons often speak about feelings of fear, anger, guilt, blame, frustration, helplessness, ambiguity, and isolation. While people may not experience all these emotions, it is important to recognise that any of these responses are normal reactions to an extraordinary situation.

Missing Person from Queensland Tina GREER


Tina Greer was last seen on the 18th of January 2012. She dropped her daughter off in Canungra, before driving towards Spicers Gap to see Les Sharman. Les Sharman was the last...

Missing person - Karl Melo-Richards


Karl Melo-Richards, then aged 25, was last seen about 1:30pm on Friday 2 September 2016, at his home on Broome Street, Maroubra. He was reported missing after his younger sister...

Sylvia Pajuczok

Sylvia was last seen on 24 December 2008, she had attended a friends house for some drinks, but did not show for Christmas lunch the next day. Police hold serious concerns for the...

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