When a relative or friend is reported missing, the emotional impact on families and friends can be considerable. It’s important to acknowledge that each person may be affected in their own way, and react differently.

Families and friends of missing persons often speak about feelings of fear, anger, guilt, blame, frustration, helplessness, ambiguity, and isolation. While people may not experience all these emotions, it is important to recognise that any of these responses are normal reactions to an extraordinary situation.

Missing Person Revelle Balmain


Revelle Balmain was last seen in Kingsford on 5 November 1994. She was due to meet her mother in Newcastle on 6 November 1994, however she failed to arrive.

Revelle, a 22 year...


Kylee-Ann Schaffer was last seen on 11 September 2004 when she attended a party at Willawarren. Kylee-Ann and some other guests stayed over-night. In the morning Kylee-Ann had...

Michael Luu

Michael Luu, aged 29, was last seen by his girlfriend on 3 September 2002.  Michael had stated that he was going fishing at Watsons Bay.  He has not been seen since. Police hold...

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