The issue of missing persons in Australia is complex and multifaceted. Over 38,000 missing persons reports are submitted to police every year in Australia.

In Australia a missing person is defined as anyone who is reported missing to police, whose whereabouts are unknown, and where there are fears for the safety or concern for the welfare of that person.

A long-term missing person is someone who has been missing for more than three months. In Australia there are over 2,600 people listed as a long term missing person.

Anyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or educational background, may become a missing person; however, adults are more likely to be listed as long-term missing persons.

Missing Person from NSW Jennifer McDonald


Jennifer McDonald was last seen leaving an address in Neutral Bay, NSW with some possessions packed in her car for a planned move. Concerns for her welfare were reported to Police...

Missing Person Andrew Johnson


Andrew Johnson resigned from his job in Adelaide in June 1994 and intended to work his way around Australia. On 13 November 1994, his car was found abandoned in scrub off the...

Missing Persons David McWilliams


It is believed that David McWilliams, then aged 39, was murdered on either 29 or 30 July 1998 by criminal associates.

Information has been received that Mr McWilliams was shot...

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