Why do people go missing?

Collection of cartoon images with speech bubbles about why people go missing

Recently we ran a social media series exploring the reasons people went missing and what they were feeling and experiencing at the time. Anyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or educational background may become a missing person. The reasons for going missing are many and varied and can include mental illness, miscommunication, misadventure, domestic violence, and being a victim of crime.



The unique reasons featured in the series offer some perspective into the different reasons people go missing, but also serve as a reminder that we never know what someone is going through and to consider how we could support someone at risk of going missing.


If you know someone who is struggling or at risk of going missing, find information about how you can support them here: www.missingpersons.gov.au/support


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Missing Person Koji Shiraishi


Koji Shiraishi returned to Australia on 28 August 1995 after a two week holiday in Japan. He was meant to start work on 1 September 1995 at the Yakuta Japanese Restaurant in Surry...

Missing Person Hayley Dodd

Hayley DODD

Hayley Dodd made a telephone call at 10.30am on Thursday 29 July 1999. She was given a lift by a woman to the North West Road, Badgingarra, Western Australia. Hayley was known...

Missing Person Elaine Morgan


About 9am on Tuesday 17 April 2007, Elaine Morgan dropped her daughter off at a Dance Academy, in St Ives. This was the last time the she was seen. If you have information that...

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