National Missing Persons Week 2020

National Missing Persons Week 2020


National Missing Persons Week (NMPW) is an annual event held during the first week of August which aims to raise awareness of the significant issues associated with missing persons, as well as helping to reduce the incidence and impact of missing persons in Australia.

NMPW originated in 1988 in Townsville following the disappearance of Queensland resident, Tony Jones, in 1982. The inaugural week took place with a memorial service, where the Mayor of Townsville planted a tree in commemoration of Mr Jones.

NMPW 2020 will be recognised from 2-8 August with the policing campaign centred on the theme, “I’ll see you later.”

This phrase sheds light on the fact, when a person goes missing, their loved ones are always searching. Even as time passes and logic whispers that the missing person is unlikely to be found, some part of the loved one can’t stop looking.

In the mind of a missing persons loved ones, the simple phrase transforms with almost every aspect of life experienced.

In reality to the families and friends of a missing person “I’ll see you later” can mean:

  • “I’ll see you every time the doorbell rings”
  • “I’ll see you in crowds on TV”
  •  “I’ll see you every time police find a body”

This year, the NMPCC aims to highlight these thoughts that run rampant in the minds of loved ones when they are left wondering, and hoping their missing husband, mother, uncle or sister will return home.

The NMPCC will highlight this theme via a digital campaign comprising of eight short videos. Each short video will highlight a different long-term missing person whom has been selected in consultation with State and Territory Missing Persons Units.

In 2019 the NMPCC focused on the theme ‘individuals not statistics’, which saw the word ‘persons’ in National Missing Persons Week replaced with the name of the missing loved one being featured in the campaign. E.g. National Missing Brian Week.

This emphasized the fact missing persons are real people, with hobbies and dreams, who continue to live in the memories of those left behind. That they are more than just statistics or photos on a missing persons poster.

To continue on with this narrative in 2020 and to keep real missing Australians at the forefront of the messaging this NMPW, the NMPCC have decided to incorporate the theme for a consecutive year.

NMPW is supported by the Outdoor Media Association who, through their members, have once again generously donated advertisement space across various locations from across Australia.

There are many ways everyone can help to raise awareness of the issue of missing persons in Australia this NMPW:

  • Watch the NMPW campaign unfold on Facebook and share the messaging.
  • View the profiles of the missing persons featured in the campaign below.
  • View and support the NMPW initiatives run by Family Advocacy Networks such as the Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN) and Leave a Light On Inc.
  • Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you have information relating to any missing person in Australia. Further profiles can be viewed via the Public Register.
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Thirty one year old Brian went missing in June 2010. Sadly June 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of Brian’s disappearance.

Brian was a friendly person, attentive uncle and passionate AFL fan.  

Brian’s family live in hope that one day they will be reunited to celebrate all the important events like birthdays and Christmas.

Daniel (Danny) PLAIN

Danny Plain was last seen on the evening of the 23rd March 2020 in Alice Springs. Danny had dinner with his wife and daughter then left the house on foot and sadly has not been seen since.

Danny is well known within the Alice Springs community. He is a sociable man who enjoys music, especially listening to the Rolling Stones.

Danny used to enjoy camping with his family. They would sit around a campfire with their swags and enjoy “story telling”.

Danny was a husband, father and grandfather who enjoyed watching his favourite AFL team “the bombers” play on TV in his man shed.

Danny’s family live in hope that one day he will return home.


Eileen Stewart was born in 1932 in England. She moved to Tasmania in March 1958 with her husband and four children. She had only been in Tasmania for 6 months before she disappeared from the Mt Nelson area.

Eileen was a beautiful, young Mum who had her whole life ahead of her but sadly at the age of 26, she disappeared without a trace.

It’s been over 60 years since Eileen’s children have seen their mother. They have since returned to the UK but still hold onto hope that one day they will receive answers.


Laura was a bright and witty person with “plenty of spark”.

She was an animal lover who had many pets over the years, which speaks to her caring and nurturing nature. Laura was just 23 when she was last seen at a friend’s house in Queanbeyan, NSW.

It has been over 12 years since the Haworth family have seen their beloved daughter, sister and cousin.


Michael or Mick as he was known to family and friends, was just 18 years old when he vanished from the Prince Henry Hospital in 1973.

The date was Saturday 20 October 1973, a historic day full of celebration for most Sydneysiders, as it was the day an Australian landmark was unveiled; The Sydney Opera House. Unfortunately, for the Croaker family, it was not a day full of joy.

Sadly, Mick was the victim of constant bullying during his school years, due to his severe learning difficulties. School was not a place of happiness for Mick, who would eventually be pulled from formal schooling at the age of 17.

Much like most teens in the 1970’s, Mick enjoyed listening to The Beatles and John Lennon. He was an active footballer and loved making model cars and planes. He always looked incredibly happy on the back of a push bike or go-cart, going as fast as he possibly could. 

Mick has a twin brother and twin sisters, who love and miss him dearly. Although it has been almost 47 years since they last saw their active, kind and gentle brother, he remains a part of their lives forever.


Paul was a kind and thoughtful person, never forgetting a birthday or special occasion.

He was always the first person to call his mum and dad on New Year’s Eve with “It’s going to be a better year, Mum”. It’s been 17 long years since they have heard Paul’s voice on the other end of the phone.

Paul would be celebrating his 43rd birthday this year.


Thirty seven year old father Peter English, last made contact with family on 11 February 2019 while travelling alone from Caboolture, QLD to Mount Isa, QLD.

Peter adored his children and loved spoiling them with gifts.

He was so full of life and loved everything involving the great outdoors including fishing, trail bike riding and four wheel driving.

Peter was a very active man and is dearly missed by all who knew him.


Simon was last seen at his home in Coogee WA on 10 January 2011.

Simon was an animal lover and spent a lot of his free time volunteering at a dog refuge.

Simon loved his pet dog and would take them everywhere but when he disappeared his dog was left behind.

He was a caring person, soccer fan and animal lover.

Next year will mark 10 years since Simon’s disappearance.


Robert was last seen at Salmon Rocks on Flinders Island TAS on 8 August 2015. Upon being reported missing, Tasmania Police conducted extensive searches for Robert however he was...

Luke Gourlay Miissing Person QLD Male


Luke Gourlay was captured on CCTV footage leaving the Landsborough Hotel. Luke was last seen walking along Steve Irwin Way at Landsborough around 4pm on December 26, 2023.


Missing Person Christopher Jarvis

Christopher JARVIS

At 8.10am on the 13 June 2006, Christopher Jarvis' vehicle was recovered in the dunes at Thunder Point, Warrnambool. His vehicle had been set alight under suspicious...

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