National Missing Persons Week 2021

This year National Missing Persons Week (NMPW) will be recognised from 1-7 August 2021. The theme of this year’s national police campaign is, ‘Their faces may have changed, missing them hasn’t’.

The National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) have worked closely with AFP Forensic Artists to create aged progressed images of seven long-term missing persons from across Australia.

The NMPCC liaised with the families of the seven long-term missing persons, to create videos that communicate how their loved ones are not only missing but how they are missed.

The use of family photos throughout these videos demonstrates to the community the emotional and physical hole that has been left behind. Family members have also generously provided their time to explain how their lives have changed through the impact of having a missing loved one, with this audio overlayed throughout the video.

As the video concludes, you get to view the final age progression alongside an image of the missing person prior to their disappearance. The final age progression image aims to give the community an idea of what the long-term missing person could potentially look like today.

The age progressed images were created by AFP Forensic Artists who specialise in this technology. The Forensic Artists work closely with the relatives of the missing person to gain an understanding of genetic facial characteristics, which is instrumental in the creation of a successful age progression.

To gain more understanding on the age progression process, you can watch an interview with an AFP Forensic Artist here .

The seven profiles have been selected in consultation with State and Territory police Missing Persons Units. The profiles can be viewed below.

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Christine Fenner

Christine has been missing from Bundaberg in Queensland since February 1999.

Christine is a mother, partner and friend.

Christine’s son describes her as a playful character with a good sense of humour.

Christine’s sacred place was at Fremantle, where she would take her children fishing when they were younger.

Christine, your son misses your mischievous sense of humour and having you there to watch both kids grow up and succeeding in life. He loves you very much and you are missed by the family.

Christine would be 69 years old.

Laura Haworth

Laura has been missing since 5 January 2008. She was last seen at a friend’s house in Queanbeyan, NSW.

Laura is a mother, daughter and friend. She was almost 23 years old when she went missing.

Laura had her whole life ahead of her.

The last time Laura’s close family saw her was Christmas Day 2007.

Laura’s mother describes her as witty and creative. Laura has a bright and ‘sparky’ energy and a great sense of humour.

Laura’s children were just two and four when she went missing. Both children are now approaching adulthood.

Laura, your mum misses you dearly. Your kids are doing so well and you would be proud of them.

Laura would be 37 years old.

Elaine Johnson

Elaine has been missing from Kurnell in New South Wales since 1 February 1980.

Elaine was just a teenager when she disappeared.

Elaine and her friend, Kerry Joel, were reported missing at the same time. For over 40 years, the Johnson and Joel families have lived with the pain of not knowing what happened to their sisters, daughters and friends.

Elaine would always look after her two sisters. They would practice dance routines together and then put on a show for their parents.

Elaine, your family miss you dearly. They miss that they didn’t get to see you grow old with your sisters, have children of your own and celebrate special occasions.

Your mum will be 80 this year and sadly your father passed away last year, never knowing if you are ok.

Elaine would be 58 years old.

Suzanne Lawrance


Suzanne, affectionately known by her family as Suzie, has been missing since 7 February 1987 in Healesville Victoria.

Suzie has blonde hair, blue eyes and was just 16 years old when she disappeared.

Suzie was one of four children and the only daughter. One of her brothers describes her as a very kind person. She was likeable and always willing to help others in need.

Being the only daughter, she was the apple of her mother’s eye. Her mum badly wanted a little girl and when Suzie was born, her mum couldn’t quite believe it.

Suzie, your family have never given up hope that you will come home. Your mum still wonders if you would have ever married and had your own babies.

Your brother wishes you got to meet his son. He still thinks about you on anniversaries and birthdays. You are never far from your family’s thoughts.

Suzie would be 51 years old.

Nathan McLaughlin

Nathan was last seen in Moil, Northern Territory on the 17 March 1994.

Nathan is a brother, son and friend.

He was just a teenager with his life ahead of him when he disappeared.

Nathan’s mother reflects on the last time she saw Nathan. They stood on the back stairs of their house, Nathan’s arm draped around her shoulder, watching the sunset together in silence.

Nathan was a kind brother who displayed a special love and fondness for his sister.

Nathan showed a maturity well above his years. He would always be polite to guests in the family home and could hold an interesting conversation on lots of topics, usually with humour.

Nathan, your family miss you being in their world. They care about you and love you dearly.

Nathan would be 45 years old.

Jason Mazurek

Jason was last seen in Sandy Bay, Tasmania on the 15 September 2002.

Jason was the second eldest of six children and the only boy.

Jason’s sisters all remember him as a thoughtful and generous brother. He would always look out for his sisters and spend lots of time with them. He had a good laugh and cracked some terrible jokes.

He was a country kid who grew up swimming, riding bikes and rollerblading. Jason loved the outdoors and pottering around the backyard, helping his mum with any chores.

Jason, your sisters want you to know that they think of you every day. They miss your heavy metal music rocking the walls of the childhood home. You now have nieces and nephews who you would adore and who would likewise adore you.

Jason would be 39 years old.

Sophie Woodman

Sophie was last seen in Victoria in March 1980.

Sophie is a sister, daughter and friend.

Sophie has been missing for 41 years.

Sophie’s brother describes Sophie as always wanting to grow up. She would experiment with make-up, clothes and hairstyles that would make her look more mature.

Sophie loved music, with the Grease soundtrack and ABBA’s ‘Arrival’ album on constant repeat in their house.

Sophie, your brother still thinks of you most days. Something will happen which will trigger a memory of you. He wants you to know that you have a 17 year old niece and he misses not knowing if you would have had your children.

Sophie would be 55 years old.

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