National Missing Persons Week 2023

This year’s 35th National Missing Persons Week (NMPW) campaign will focus on 8 different unresolved cases dating as far back as 1964.  

Did you know there are approximately 2,500 long-term missing persons in Australia and 750 unidentified human remains? 

The 8 cases of unidentified human remains (UHR) have been illustrated on a virtual investigations board, utilising 3D animation and ‘real’ components of each case, investigated by various law enforcement agencies across Australia.

The campaign which will be held during 30 July–5 August, aims to raise national awareness in the hope that the Australian community can help connect the missing pieces of the puzzle. 

The week-long campaign will also highlight some of the specialist capabilities available to police when investigating such complex cases, and the important and trusted partnerships between the AFP and its law enforcement partners. 

To view the upcoming 3D animation of the unresolved cases—and to help solve them— please click on each case listed below. 

Also be sure to follow the AFP’s National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, which can be found at @afpnmpcc.  

Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on the posts and use hashtag #NMPW2023.

If you have any information about a case, we encourage you to contact Crime Stoppers. You can contact them anonymously via their website or free call on 1800 333 000

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons are advised that the content below contains images of deceased persons.

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QLD: The Stretton Wetlands Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 2nd October 2020, human remains were located at the base of two trees in the Stretton Wetlands, Queensland.  

The Queensland Police Service conducted an autopsy which identified the remains belonged to an Asian male approx. 25 – 45 years old. He was believed to be 164 – 171cm in stature. Found at the scene were remnants of clothing consisting of Calvin Klein underwear, Calvin Klein t-shirt, white Converse shoes and a distinctive belt.  

It was established there was no trauma to the remains however he did have healing fractures to multiple anterior left ribs, and surgical wire on the left fifth metacarpal bone; indicating previous surgery. 

When the remains were located, it was established the male had been deceased more than 6 months.

VIC: The Dandenong Ranges National Park Case

Can you solve the case?

On the 18th March 2006, skeletal remains were located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. 

An anthropological examination conducted identified the remains belonged to a Caucasian male, between 20 - 30 years of age with a stature between 167 – 180cm tall. 

It was estimated the male’s death likely occurred sometime between November 2005 and March 2006.

SA: The Mount Osmond Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 10th April 1975, the near complete skeletal remains of an adult make were located in roadside scrub along Mount Osmond Road, Mount Osmond, South Australia.  

Police conducted an Anthropological examination which determined the remains were from a middle-aged male of European ancestry, approximately 174cm in stature with a slim build.  

The male had short fair hair which was slightly receding. He was wearing a maroon-coloured button up long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and brown Clark ‘Hush Puppy’ shoes, approx. size 5.  

The remains of an airmail letter written in Yugoslavian were found in the pocket of his grey sports coat along with a St Anthony’s medal on a fine gold chain, gold watch with elastic strip and a key (pictured). 

The examination also determined the male likely died within the two years preceding the remains being located in 1975.

NT: The Leanyer Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 27th May 1987, remains were located in an area of thick scrubland near the Leanyer sewage ponds - 1.5km north-east of Lee Point Road and Fitzmaurice Drive. 

The remains were examined by Northern Territory Police. Through an Anthropological examination, it was identified the remains belonged to an Aboriginal female over the age of 18 years and approx. 155 – 169cm in stature.  

When the remains were examined, it was noted there was a quantity of yellowish cotton material present with the skeleton. This appeared consistent with being derived from a dress. 

The AFP's National DNA Program for Unidentified and Missing Persons have completed a craniofacial reconstruction of the skull located (pictured).

NSW: The Pyrmont Case

Can you solve the case? 

The man known only as “Andy” was located deceased on the 28th August 2014.  

Residents around the Pyrmont area in Sydney stated to police that Andy resided in the area for 8 years and was regularly seen sleeping and sitting on a park bench in Cadi Park, Pyrmont. Andy had told a witness that he had fallen down a set of stairs on 25th August 2014 and appeared to have suffered injuries at this time, however refused medical help.  

On the morning he was located deceased, Andy was seen to be in discomfort and struggling to breath. Members of the public passing by attempted to assist him however he passed away shortly after. No identification was located with the deceased and to date, police have been unable to confirm his identity. 

Andy is described as a Caucasian male, approximately 35 - 45 years old, 180cm tall with a heavy build (approx. 120kg). Andy had a brown beard with brown unkempt shoulder length hair and grey eyes. He had a number of tattoos including a Viking on his right shoulder, the word ‘HATE’ on his left fingers and a skull on his left shoulder. 

A Computer Facial Identification Technique (COMFIT) depiction of Andy has been developed by the NSW Police Force.

TAS: The Pardoe Beach Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 20th June 2000, a skeletal remain was located at Pardoe Beach, Devonport, Tasmania by a member of the public.  

An anthropology examination was conducted which identified the remain to be a right tibia. It was believed to have likely come from a male aged approx. 20 – 30 years of age, approx. 152cm in stature. 

WA: The Chidlow Rifle Range Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 27th August 1979, a deceased male was located in a shallow grave at Chidlow Rifle Range, just north of Perth, Western Australia. The male was found to be in decomposed state. 

The male was found to have been shot in the chest.  

He was of Eastern European descent, approximately 180cm tall with a solid build. He was found to be wearing the following items: Yaka brand bone trousers/pants,  brown belt with silver buckle,  grey zipper cardigan,  blue roll neck jumper,  yellow long sleeve skivvy,  brown slip on shoes, Palermo brand (size 8),  Seiko Actus watch,  money belt,  multicoloured underpants,  red socks,  handkerchief.

SA: The Kings Beach Case

Can you solve the case? 

On the 4th October 1964, the body of a fully clothed deceased male was located on the sand at Kings Beach west of Victor Harbor, South Australia.  

The male located was of Caucasian appearance, and approximately 50 years of age. The male was approximately 180cm in stature with a medium build.  

He had brown hair which was greying and receding on his forehead. He had no upper teeth and only eight teeth in the front in his lower jaw. He was found wearing an olive-green tweed sports coat, dark grey Fletcher Jones trousers, khaki V-neck pullover, white neck shirt and black leather ripple soled size 10 shoes. Distinctive repairs were observed on the V-neck pullover and tweed jacket. 

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