Prevention tools

Take steps to ensure the safety of your loved one with these prevention tools.

Not all missing person cases can be prevented, however, there are some strategies you can use to help minimise the risk of going missing, or having a loved one go missing.

Preventative action can be taken at all levels within our community - by families, friends, agencies, government policy-makers, media, and missing people themselves.

The key to prevention is enhancing individual resilience and resourcefulness, strengthening family and community networks, and using existing tools to stay connected and be safe.

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Child Protection Apps

Daniel Morcombe Foundation 'Help Me' App:

The ‘Help Me’ App is to assist people of all ages in emergency situations. The main feature, the ‘Help Me’ button sounds a warning and allows the user to send an SMS text to two nominated ‘safety’ numbers, as part of your trusted Safety Network. Included in the texts are the GPS coordinates from where the text was sent so the sender can be located, or a last known place of contact is known.

The app also includes a quick reference guide to assistance numbers in an emergency.

Overseas Travel

When travelling overseas there are a few things you can do to help prevent yourself from being reported missing, or make it easier to find you should anything happen.

  • Register your travel and contact details with
  • Leave a copy of your travel plans with family or friends, and let them know if it changes. Include passport, tickets, destinations and contact numbers. You may also want to provide details of fellow travelling companions.
  • When informing the bank of your overseas travel, consider giving a nominated person access to your account information. In the event that you are uncontactable bank details can provide a record of possible actions.
  • Arrange options for staying in touch with family and friends while overseas (mobile phone, prepaid or postpaid international calling card, SMS, social media, email etc.)
  • Give your family and friends an indication of how often they will hear from you, and stick to your word.
  • Be conscious of your own safety and security while travelling. Review the travel advice on the Smart Traveller website prior to your trip and subscribe to travel advice updates for the countries you are visiting to keep you informed of any changes leading up to and during your travel.

The Smart Traveller website operated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has more information about overseas travel precautions and safety tips.

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